Pastor Discussing the Project

We are in the process of building a 15,000 sq foot community center to service the community and surrounding area. The facility will allow our ministries to have a greater impact.

The community center will feature a full commercial kitchen, locker rooms and a large community space for events and sports.

● To provide regular weekly recreational and organized activities for elementary, middle, and high school youth, as well as leagues and events for adults and families.
● To provide educational access for a variety of programs intended to advance or improve the lifelong learning opportunities of our youth and adults, such as English as a Second Language, G.E.D., life skills, and mentoring classes.
● To provide access to a food program that partners with the Maryland Food Bank as well as various other programs intended to provide for basic human welfare, such as clothing resources for those in need.

Impacting Our Community

We have a broad reach that focuses on our community and our city.  Baltimore is our home and we minister to our people where they are.


  • To provide recreational, health, and wellness programs for youth, adults, and families.
  • To offer educational advancement and lifelong learning opportunities for all ages.
  • To ensure that basic welfare services are available to those in need in the Rosedale and surrounding areas.
Giving Options


For over twenty five years, Pastor Scott Tewell has faithfully pastored Rosedale Baptist Church. He started with only 100 members, and now the ministry reaches thousands of people every week. Because of his willingness to serve, sacrifice, and lead, many lives have been changed, students educated, and numerous community outreach programs have been established.

Steve Smith has been on staff at Rosedale since 2014. As executive pastor, he is responsible for the overall leadership, development, and direction of church staff, pastoral care, strategic planning, human resources, operations, and financials ministry-wide as well as administrates the day to day operations of our entire church and school ministry.

Giving Options