What Are Parents Saying About Rosedale?

What do you like most about Rosedale?

  • “The emphasis on Christian values and principles.”
  • “The friendliness of staff, Christian teaching alongside the academic coursework, and opportunities to participate in non-academic activities.”
  • “The teachers and staff genuinely care about each student. They invest in the students academically but also spiritually. They give the students the ability to be well-rounded in academics, music, and sports.”
  • “I love everything – the curriculum, the teachers, the office staff, the sports program.”
  • “The mission and purpose is Christian-based.”


What are the strengths of Rosedale?

  • “I love that my child is receiving a wonderful education, but even more than that, I love that she is receiving a spiritually challenging education!”
  • “Very organized! Teachers are compassionate, open to dialogue with parents, and will work with each child independently on behavior or academic weaknesses.”
  • “Positive influences. Great curriculum.”
  • “Rosedale is faith based, and this is a foundation I want for my son.”
  • “Rosedale does a great job of keeping the parents informed.”
  • “Supportive of family, devoted to the mission of Christ, safe atmosphere.”
  • “Structure and consistency.”


  • “It is a committed faculty.”
  • “Rosedale has strong leadership, great teachers, and a love for the students!”
  • “The teachers are very loving, and they love what they do!”
  • “I love that the teachers love and care a lot about the students that they are teaching.”
  • “Staff is second to none! They are always kind and helpful.”
  • Rosedale has a “strong reading program and growing programs.”


  • What do you like most about Rosedale? “The affordable price and the quality education.”
  • “I like that they are continually trying to make improvements and make the school experience better for the students.”
  • “I am impressed with the additions that have been made this year.”
  • “It is a well-rounded school. Always looking for ways to improve.”


  • 91% believe the teachers are well prepared.
  • 91% believe the teachers are loving and caring.
  • 93% of families believe that Rosedale is affordable.
  • 94% of parents believe their children are safe on campus.
  • 94% of parents would recommend Rosedale.
  • 96% of families believe that Rosedale has a bright future.
  • 96% of school families believe the facilities are clean.
  • 97% have recorded their experience at Rosedale to be positive.
  • 98% of families believe in the purpose and mission of Rosedale.