Our Goal

As a ministry of Rosedale Baptist Church, Rosedale Christian Academy seeks to connect our students to each of our supported missionary families. We seek to cultivate a relationship that will bear fruit resulting in a passion for missions both on a local and global level. Our students partner with our missionaries in three actionable ways:


Every year we raise money through special fundraisers to contribute towards a project or need that our missionary families have in their ministry.
We believe this will demonstrate how our giving to missions bears tangible and spiritual fruit that has a meaningful impact that lasts.


Each class from K5-12 “adopts” a missionary family to regularly read through and pray for the specific needs expressed in quarterly prayer letters that our missionaries write and send out to Rosedale Baptist Church.
We believe in establishing a consistent relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ in prayer. Our hope is to help accomplish this through sending up our petitions before Almighty God, on behalf of our missionary families.


Enrichment through service is an essential aspect of being a student at Rosedale Christian Academy.
We believe in a life that reflects a servant’s heart. Our goal is to help students raise funds and provide the training necessary to participate in at least one missions trip internationally in support of the very same missionaries for whom they have been praying for and sending financial support during their time at Rosedale Christian Academy.