Uniform Policy

Rosedale Christian Academy has adopted a uniform policy.  The policy is intended to serve as a tool to promote student self-respect, lessen peer pressure, maintain an atmosphere consistent with our instructional goals, promote student unity, and help our students have a positive testimony for Christ in our community.

All students are required to wear the approved uniformStudents should arrive and leave school in uniform unless there are special circumstances.  

The cost of any uniform item is not included in the tuition and/or fees of Rosedale, and is the responsibility of the parent.  The school does not reimburse for uniforms nor purchase used uniforms.  Rosedale does, however, provide a tool for school parents to sell, trade, and/or purchase used school uniforms through an online “Swap Cart” managed by a school parent volunteer.  This store is available through Facebook.  Simply search “Rosedale Swap Cart” within Facebook and request access to the group. Once approved, please read the group rules carefully. 

Uniforms must be ordered in time to be received before school opens.  For students who enroll immediately prior to or after the start of the school year, uniforms must be ordered promptly.  A maximum of two weeks following the date of enrollment is allowed in order to fully comply with the dress code.  In the meantime, the student’s clothing should approximate the uniform as closely as possible.

Please observe these general guidelines in relation to the dress code:

  • All students should dress modestly.  
  • Clothing should be neat and clean in appearance.  Personal hygiene should be maintained at all times.  
  • Neither tight nor excessively baggy clothing is allowed. No knit or jegging material.  The waist and midriff must be covered at all times regardless of movement.  Boys’ shirts must be tucked in.  
  • No clothing or promotional items (stickers, buttons, etc.) relating to inappropriate music or performers are permitted.  Clothing or items depicting inappropriate or controversial role models may not be worn.  
  • Students are not allowed to get a tattoo during the school year.  If a student transfers into the school with a tattoo, the tattoo must be covered at all times.
  • All articles of clothing should be clearly labeled on the tags with the student’s name. This helps to return the items when lost.

Uniform Requirements for Grades K3 – 12

(K2 students are not required to wear a school uniform.)

  • Uniform Shirts: Students may wear a white t-shirt under a white or navy uniform shirt, and a navy blue t-shirt under a navy blue uniform shirt.  Long sleeve t-shirts may be worn under the uniform shirt during the winter months.  If a student chooses to wear an undershirt under his school shirt, it must be white or navy blue and worn tucked in.
  • Jackets: Navy blue jackets, sweaters, or hoodies with the Rosedale Christian logo may be worn in the classroom.  Other jackets may be worn to and from school, but may not be worn in the classroom. Students must wear a uniform shirt under the hoodie.
  • Belts: For students in grades 6-12, belts are required with all clothing that comes with belt loops. Belt buckles should not be unduly large or ornate.  Students may not wear chains on belt loops or billfolds. 
  • Shoes: Open-toed shoes (flip-flops, sandals, etc.) may not be worn. Students in all grades also have the option to wear tennis shoes.  A small brand name logo may be present. Wheels and light-ups are not permitted.  Sperry’s brand is a good example of the type of shoe that is ideal for daily wear.  Shoes must be worn at all times.  No slip-on shoes or slippers.
  • Girls may not wear ties or headscarves.  
  • Students are not allowed to wear hats of any kind inside the building except on specially designated days or unless permission has been given.

Girls in Grades K3 – 4 

  • Khaki or navy-blue jumper or skirt (hem length should be to the knee or beyond)
  • White short-sleeved or long-sleeved shirts with collars may be worn under their jumpers
  • Navy blue cardigan sweater with school logo
  • Navy blue or white tights may be worn in winter months, under their uniform
  • Loose-fitting khaki or navy-blue uniform pants 
  • White or navy-blue polo with school logo 


Girls in Grades 5 – 12

  • Navy blue or Khaki skirts (hem length should be to the knee or beyond)
  • Navy blue or white short-sleeved or long-sleeved polo shirts with school logo
  • Navy blue cardigan or pullover sweater
  • Navy blue or white tights may be worn in the winter months
  • Loose-fitting navy blue or khaki uniform pants (no knit or jegging material)

Boys in Grades PreK3 – 5 

  • Navy blue or khaki uniform shorts or pants 
  • White or navy short-sleeved or long-sleeved polo shirt
  • Navy blue cardigan or pullover sweater

Boys in Grades 6 – 12

  • Navy blue or khaki uniform pants (no knit or jegging material)
  • Navy blue or white polo-style, short-sleeved or long-sleeved shirt with school logo
  • Navy blue cardigan or pullover sweater with school logo
  • Brown or black dress belt

Casual Dress Code

Students are allowed to wear a casual dress code to athletic events and other school functions as designated by the school administration. Casual dress code includes a Rosedale Christian or Church t-shirt, uniform shirt, or other polo with modest shorts to the knee, jeans, or pants. Casual day attire does not include yoga pants, slider shoes, or slippers. 

Physical Education Attire

Students normally take a physical education class in grades K5-9. High school transfer students may have to take physical education class after their ninth-grade year to fulfill Maryland high school requirements.  Students may purchase a P.E. uniform (grades 1-9) from our online Panther Store or wear a Rosedale spirit wear shirt (Field Day, Color Run, RKids, etc.) and plain navy or black knee-length shorts or athletic pants (no yoga pants/leggings).