The Early Learning Center is a ministry of Rosedale Christian Academy in Baltimore County, Maryland. Our purpose is to enter into a partnership with Christian parents who are committed to a total education process that is centered on God and His Word, and results in academic development of the mind and spiritual development of the will and character. We embrace the privilege and responsibility that God and parents impart to us in the education of the heart and mind of each of our students.

Reading & Writing

Our phonics program is systematically designed to prepare our youngest students with the tools they need to begin reading in K4. The program teaches students to recognize, sound, and trace their letters. By the end of K4 the students can write their letters and names on their own. 


We teach our students to learn number recognition and concepts of 1-20. K4 expounds upon concepts such as more than and less than, patterns, before and after numbers, and larger and smaller numbers. They also learn simple addition facts up to 10. 

Skills Development

Our youngest students are introduce to poetry, nursery rhymes, and short dramatic plays. Their writing readiness, eye-hand coordination, visual perception, listening and thinking skills all grow.


Our Bible program presents the Word of God in story form with application that is age appropriate. We engage the children with fun songs that teach Biblical principles. Students learn at least 27 Bible passages through out the school year.

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