The Enrichment Program at Rosedale Christian Academy is designed to address the needs of students in Kindergarten through Eighth Grade. Rosedale’s vision for the program is to create a supplemental, academically rigorous environment that cultivates rich instructions yielding intellectual and creative results. Rosedale Christian Academy recognizes that all students are individuals and that educational programs must be differentiated to meet the needs of all learners. Our Enrichment Program is meant to support struggling learners and challenge students’ academic learning.

Camps (Grades K5-8)

Camps are designed to engage students in recreational and enrichment activities with hands-on lessons.

• Culinary Arts and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) camps will be offered.


Please stay tuned for additional information about start dates and prices.

Help Classes (Grades K5-8)

Help Classes provide additional classroom time in a specific subject.

• Help Classes are held after school until 4:30 PM twice a week.
• No help classes will be offered on Wednesdays.
• The current Help Classes offered are Mathematics every Tuesday and English every Thursday.


Parents pay for the whole quarter session of $405 for one help class a week or $810 for both English and Math sessions.

*There is a $20 discount for those who sign up for both sessions.

Please stay tuned for additional information about start dates.

Coaching (Grades K5-8)

Coaching is one-on-one tutoring with a teacher before (from 7:00-7:45 AM) or after class (3:45-4:30 PM).

Tutoring is offered 4 times a week for 45-minute sessions.
• Schedule is determined by the teacher and parent.
• Teachers will only coach 1 student per day.
• On Friday, tutoring is only offered after school.
• No tutoring will be held on Wednesdays.


Parents pay for a whole quarter session of $405 for once a week or $810 for twice a week.

*There is a $20 discount for those who sign up for sessions twice a week.

Session Schedule for 2022-2023

Mini Session
September 5-September 30 (4 weeks)

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Second Quarter Session
October 10-December 16 (9 weeks)

Third Quarter Session:
January 9-March 10 (9 weeks)

Fourth Quarter Session:
March 27-May 26 (9 weeks)

For More Information

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